Minerva: The aim of our Journey is to take back every stretch of our World from the Legendary Tyrants.

Quests are single player and are the main storyline for Legend of Minerva. Each quest costs stamina to do, and each will reward at least experience and mani. Some will reward artifacts or cards.

Bosses Edit

As you quest, you'll encounter bosses. When you fight against a boss, your Deck Leader and up to two of your Guild Member's Deck Leaders can join your fight.

As you deal damage to the boss, your strike points will be depleted. You can use Regen Potions to fully replenish your points while in battle.

Raids Edit

In quests and random encounters you may also face raids. In a raid you'll fight with a five man deck. Also in a raid you can rally your guild members or comrades to aid you.

Should you win the raid encounter, the discoverer (person who encountered the enemy) will be rewarded with two items (potions or Eidolon Cards).

Moreover, anyone who joined the raid to assist will receive one item.

Raids expire after a certain amount of time has passed, so work together with your allies and quickly defeat your enemies.