Joining a guild will allow you to join other guild members in fighting bosses and raids. If you receive work from your guild leader, you can gain an advantage in battle and in your quests.

Joining Edit

In order to join a guild, you must first apply to a guild of your choice. If you receive permission from a guild leader you can join them.

Creating Edit

When you are over level 20 you can make your own guild. Your guild can initially have up to 10 members; the number grows based on guild members' participation.

Guild Leader Edit

The person who creates the guild is the guild leader. The guild leader has the following abilities:

  • assign work to members
  • expel members
  • assign powers to other members
  • disband the guild

If the guild leader wishes to transfer power to another member, that member can accept.

Work Edit

Work bonuses give members an advantage in questing and battling. Members can receive and be dismissed from work by the guild leader. As the guild grows in strength, so do the potential bonuses members can receive.

Investments Edit

You can donate mani to your guild. If your guild receives enough donations, your guild's rank can increase. As rank increases, various benefits can occur:

  • maximum amount of members can increase
  • amount of positions or jobs can increase
  • cards from guild summons can be higher ranks

If you have extra artifacts or artifact sets, you can donate them to your guild.