Minerva: Having strong Eidolon Cards as allies is our key to victory!

Cards (aka Eidolon Cards or Eidolons) are the force that players fight with in Legend of Minerva. Each card has a different attribute, though this does not have to be the same attribute the player chose at the beginning of the game.

When you gain Eidolon Cards, you have a greater chance of victory in both your battles and your boss fights.

From the start of the game, you can have up to 150 Eidolon Cards, though there are over 1000 in the game. If you exceed this number, the extra cards will be gone forever, so be sure to maintain your storage wisely.

Skills Edit

Skills can affect normal battles and raids and add great bonuses to the results of each. Skill chance rate differs from skill to skill. The more cards in the battle, the higher the chance of a skill being used.

Regardless if a card has a skill or not, a skill has a higher chance of being used if there are five in a deck rather than one.

INT Edit

During a battle, the sum of all the INT in your deck is calculated and your skill chance rate may increase based on the total. Depending on how high the total INT of your deck is, you can expect your skill chance rate to increase by up to 5x. The total INT can also slightly change the bonus given to attack and defense from skills.

Combos Edit

Each skill has an attribute. By gathering attributes together, skills can grow stronger. Combo skills are stronger than stand alone skills, even when maxed out.

Aim for stronger skills by enhancing your card's skill level. By doing so and combining the enhanced power with other enhanced skills, your combo skill can be stronger as well.

Growth Rate Edit

Depending on the card, there are three levels of Growth Rate: early, standard, and late.


An early growth rate means that the card's given stats will grow quicker at earlier levels and thus should be leveled up as soon as possible in order to be the most effective.


A late growth rate signifies that the card's stats grow slower at earlier levels and then rapidly increase past a certain point, being the strongest at max level compared to other cards with earlier growth rates.

Safeguarding Edit

From the Eidolon Card Information screen you can choose whether to safeguard your card. Doing so allows you to prevent yourself from accidentally selling or using your card for evolving or enhancing.

By tapping unguard you will break the safeguard and can use the card normally again.